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Tuscola : Abilene State Park- Spring Break Activities

March 8, 2014 - 2:00pm to March 15, 2014 - 5:00pm

March 8th - H20-Pardy is a game following the layout of Jeporday. Come test your knowledge about water conservation and the water cycle. 

March 9th- The Story of Freddie the Fish. Follow Freddie through his journey down the stream to learn more about water pollution and how we can protect our water ways.

March 13th- Are You My Mother? Teaches show the similarities and differences between adult animal or insect and their young. Also Fashion a Fish is an activity where you can learn about fish adaptations and then create your own fish.

March 14th- How wet is our planet? This is a program to teach people about how much water we have on earth and how much of it we actually can use for everyday life.

March 15th- H20-Pardy- Test your knowledge and see how much you have learned over the week about water conservation and the water cycle. If you did not participate in any of the other activities you are still welcome to come and participate in this fun exciting game!


All activities will start at 2pm at the CCC building by the pool.

Also look forward to Texas The State of Water- DVD Series being shown every night during Spring Break.


  • Abilene State Park
  • 150 Park Road 32
  • Tuscola , Texas
  • 79562



  • Park fees apply. 

Map of Event