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Eden: Ian Moore- Duo Acoustic @ Eden's Green Apple Art Center

May 23, 2014 - 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Enjoy the music of Ian Moore, a Texas music icon.

Ian Moore carries on a legacy that runs deep in his blood. From before he could speak, he was learning music from many of the Texas greats, and that process deepened and widened as he started to play guitar as a teen. He spent countless hours on stages and back rooms, playing with his idols and mentors, and picking up the intrinsic knowledge of music that can only be learned on the stand. Austin holds an interesting place in the US cultural landscape, and many people see it as a bastion of tradition and a town where soul is the main currency. This is true, but at its core, Austin is a town of ideas and innovation. All of the great artists have been innovators that walk their own road, often counter to what the rest of the country thinks at the time. Ian was baptized in these fires and his career has mirrored that way of thinking. Each record, though always true to his voice, is a departure from the last, and challenges his listeners to keep up. He continues to recombine the sounds, looking back on a long road of tradition with a head on fire with new ideas.

Ian has toured with the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, ZZ Top, and Paul Weller. He has performed on hundreds of radio and television shows, including the Late Show with David Letterman, the Today Show, a recent DirectTV special, and even a part in Billy Bob Thornton's feature film Slingblade! He has 4 top 20 Billboard hits, 8 albums to his name, and countless music awards. He was spent the last two decades touring from clubs to stadiums throughout US and Europe, and has cemented his place as a Texas music icon.


  • Eden's Green Apple Art Center
  • 305 S. Main
  • Eden, Texas
  • 76837



  • $20 advance
    $25 at the door

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