Texas Forts Trail Region

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A Union Story, One Hundred Percent

The story of Thurber, once a thriving industrial community based on coal mining but today marginalized to “ghost town” status, makes an ideal lesson in early 20th century labor relations and, in fact, the way perceptions influence historical documentation. 

Nature in the Forts Trail Region

The Forts Trail Region offers plenty of opportunities for exploring nature alongside history. The Trail, after all, was once considered the edge of the Texas frontier. 

Roaring Ranger

Oil rig at sunset

The Ranger Oil Field shares its name with the nearby Forts Trail Region community known as Ranger, a moniker that arrived by way of the early frontier. In the 1870’s the Texas Rangers, an organized military force along the frontier, maintained a camp near the site of the community and, in fact, provided the genesis of its population and businesses.

The 9th - We Can and We Will!

The 9th Cavalry, one of the country’s all-African American units engaged in the frontier wars of the 19th century, produced nineteen Medal of Honor recipients. Five of those were awarded to soldiers fighting on Texas turf.

Having a Great Time! Wish You Were Here

The trans-continental mail route, authorized by Congress in the mid-19th century, passed through Texas during its brief, four year existence, helping to achieve one of several criteria for delivering the mail from one end of the country to the other – a snow-free passage!