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San Saba

No place reveres the official state tree, the pecan, more than San Saba. The town calls itself the "Pecan Capital of the World" for good reason. Nineteenth-century English immigrant and amateur horticulturalist, E. E. Risien, bred local native pecans into some of the world’s most famous varieties. He garnered customers as famous as Queen Victoria, and his family still produces pecans, one of more than a half-dozen local growers. Risien also built San Saba’s first waterworks at today’s bucolic Mill Pond Park, where exhibits at the San Saba County Historical Museum highlight county heritage. San Saba County’s 1911 Classical Revival courthouse anchors a lively downtown. A walking tour takes you past some 30 historic structures, most notably the town’s oldest stone building, the 1857 Burden Hotel. Just outside town, the 1896 Beveridge Suspension Bridge now serves as a scenic pedestrian bridge across the San Saba River.  A short drive away, you can still drive the wooden planks of the 325-feet-long Regency Suspension Bridge which has spanned the Colorado River since 1939 and remains one of Texas’ last working wire bridges.