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Aspermont: Cross Shield Ranch

The tour begins with a brief orientation on local history and the origin of the XL cattle brand and the Cross Shield Horse brand. The tour will present the many different aspects of ranch life beginning with Don Long, a noted horse trainer, who will start a cowboy's most valued helper, his horse. Don will show how cowboys teach their horses to become helpers; how a bond is established with respect for each other; how a horse that has never been ridden learns to accept saddle and rider; how men communicate with a horse with body language.


While the cowboys are rounding up the cattle you will watch a cowboy demonstrate the art of horse shoeing. The cowboy will explain the whole process; different problems; types of shoes; problems they overcome or create. After this you will see the cowboys pen the cattle. Then the horses and cowboys will go to work separating the cows and calves. The inoculation, the identifications via branding, and tagging and ear marking will be explained.


Through out the day tour members are encouraged to view the activities closeup, take pictures as they like and even step up and brand a calf if they so desire. Covered bleachers beside the working pens give everyone a ring side seat at a real cow working.


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