Texas Forts Trail Region

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Eastland: Eastland Postal Memorial at Eastland Post Office

Stamp Mural created by Marene Johnson. Johnson who was the Postmistress from 1957-1968, used 11,217 stamps to create this 7-year stamp window project as her gift. The central image of Benjamin Franklin is flanked by other stamps depicting the United Nations Emblem, portraits of Martha Washington and Abraham Lincoln, a map of Texas, motifs of progress in American communication and industry, military forces, and education.

"Buffalo Hunt" Mural. 
The mural depicts Indian braves, hunting and killing buffalo on a typically rugged terrain. The Department of Fine Arts, of the U.S. Treasury Department, commissioned Suzanne Scheuer. of San Francisco, California, to design and paint the mural. The artist painted the scene on heavy canvas and brought it to Texas. It was then installed under the artist's direction on December 7, 1938. The earth tone colors have stayed clear and vivid through many years of daily use of the post office building.


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