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Santa Anna: Santa Anna Funtier Days and World Championship Bison Cookoff

Photo by TXDOT

Held annually on the third weekend in May, cooks from all over the country test their recipes and their reputations not just on beef, chicken, and pork but on buffalo! Enjoy the competition as cookers from across the country put together some great sizzle, rub, and sauce on their delicious products beneath the twin mesas called Santa Anna’s Peaks. The Texas Bison Association Board of Directors sanctions and oversees the judging of the bison cook-off, encouraging cooks to treat bison meat as a specialty, not just another beef brisket. Winners’ secrets make for some delicious meat - bison is naturally flavorful and tender and can be prepared much the same as beef. The meat is naturally leaner, since buffalo are typically grazed on open range and not raised in a feedlot. Partnered with Funtier Days, featuring arts and crafts, games, rides, homemade pies and ice creams, and of course, buffalo, this event is one for the entire family!


  • Downtown
  • Santa Anna, Texas
  • 76878

Hours & Fees

  • 3rd Weekend in May

  • Check website for pricing.